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STAFF: Final Project

Rising, Sitting, Prolonged standing and Walking are significant challenges faced by many elderly people in general and those with limited mobility in particular.  Walking sticks are intended to help solve these problems. However, aside from the emotional difficulty of using them, they do not supply a satisfactory functional solution.

STAFF is a walking cane that reinforces the user’s functional abilities, assists when sitting and standing, supports long-term standing or movement and imparts confidence and independence. All that in a product which has a sporty up-to-date appearance and is far removed from the conventional clinical image of a walking stick.

With the help of a piston integrated into the product, STAFF aids and eases the process of sitting. Once the user is seated, STAFF stays at the lower height – a height which helps the user to rise more easily. When this has been done, STAFF returns to the appropriate height for walking and locks into this height. 

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The sole was designed so that in any given time there will be a maximal grip surface with the ground.